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CEM System - Continuous Emission Monitoring

CEM system

The use of continuous emissions monitoring systems, or a CEMS Analyzer, has expanded over the last decade, from their conception as analyzers to monitor the equipment emission of flue gases for control of industrial combustion, to monitor emissions into the environment from many types of industrial processes. As technology has advanced, improved flue gas treatment in conjunction with a CEM system, will reduce the levels of pollutants to be monitored.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems - CEMS Analyzers

The CEM system is driven by new regulations and improved knowledge of the consequences of environmental pollution, Environmental Agencies worldwide have required that smaller processes be monitored. New equipment monitoring technologies have led to new and improved continuous emission monitoring systems, or CEMs, with Environmental Agencies insisting that continuous emission monitors meet more stringent specifications, including repeatability and the capability to be fully challenged to demonstrate compliance.

In addition, reporting regimes necessitate maximum availability from any analyzer equipment installed with large fines as a consequence of none attainment.

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CEM Analyzer Equipment

Pressure from the market place also requires the modern CEM system to have a low cost ownership which, in effect, means that high reliability must be a design criteria. swiss grade 1 replica watches In this regard in-situ systems compare favourably from extractive alternatives due to the higher maintenance load of filters and heated sample lines.

  • 2,800 reliable in-situ analysers supplied over 25+ years
  • Analysing exhaust emissions in 41 countries worldwide
  • 120+ million hours of continuous operation, UV and IR spectrum analysers
  • 20+ different and demanding industrial applications
  • 35+ centres providing service and technical support from a global network
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